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Motivationally Challenged August 16, 2011

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Motivationally. Sure, it’s a word – I just made up. If Shakespeare and Colbert can do it, why not me.

I am having issues with motivation. Such as, the motivation to blog, which is actually a byproduct of my knitting malaise. I just spent the last month making snails progress on my washcloth/handtowel project. Aside: The spell checker is telling me hand towel is two words. Ah, the vagaries of the English language, washcloth is one word, but hand towel is two. But, I digress.

There is really no reason it should take me a month to complete five washcloths and a hand towel. I should hang my needles in shame! Most knitters could bang that project out in a week. And I can’t even claim that it’s because I was working on other knitting projects on the side. It’s really because I just wasn’t doing much knitting.

But, why?

Maybe it was a lack of excitement about the project. However,  I’m finally done and I’ve picked my Mom’s tank top back up, but I’m motivationally challenged on that one too, slogging my way through the 240 st cable cross round like it’s some sort of penance. Nor am I interested in the sweater I’m making for myself or the sock I started before the washcloth endeavor.

This is why there are UFOs hidden in closets. Well, one of the reasons.

Maybe my motivation will return with cool fall weather. Or I will find it in the colorful swirls of a lovely wool. Or maybe it’s waiting to attack like a zombie. I don’t know, but I hope it’s out there somewhere or I’m going to have to turn this blog into a cooking blog or reading blog or something.


Bad blogger, bad! August 10, 2011

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Maybe I have blogging ADD. Or maybe life just keeps getting in the way. All I know is that for about a week I will blog and blog and blog and store those posts up to be meted out over a month or so. And then nothing. And once those posts dry up the kniftybits blogsite sits as desolate as an abandoned project in a closet.

So my apologies that it’s been 3-weeks since my last post.

I will try to do better.

Please stop yelling at me!


It’s Been A Long Time May 19, 2011

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It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long….

Out there in the world of blog reading there hasn’t been a break, (May 8 was the last post, so maybe a bit of one), but on this end, it’s been quite a while since I blogged. You see, in a time of blogging ease I was able to stockpile blog posts, and for months I worked hard on maintaining a “stash” of posts, so that if there was a week that was extra busy I wouldn’t be torturing myself at 2 a.m. trying to put up a post.

And then came a volcano of work. The ground rumbled and I innocently looked up from my knitting wondering, ‘What could that be?’ A toxic cloud of tasks and emails spew into the atmosphere. I ran screaming to my computer trying, with fingers flying, to stay ahead of the molten hot oozing stream of deadlines, forms, drafts, etc. The only breaks were for food and sleep. I didn’t knit. I didn’t clean. And I didn’t blog. My family forgot what I looked like and called the police when my haggard countenance appeared.

All my carefully stashed blog posts were eaten up by the greedy work volcano.

But, now things have returned to some semblance of normal, and with a sigh of relief I return to my blogging. I’ve missed you!