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So it begins… September 9, 2010

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Several months back (after watching Julie & Julia) my husband started a food/cooking blog.  I thought to myself, ‘that’s a lot of work.’  But, a part of me (and probably anyone who’s ever started a blog) wondered if anyone would read my blog, which would definitely  be a knitting blog; especially since the difference between a food blog and a knitting blog is that everyone eats – not everyone knits.  But, I decided to give it a try, partially because of my love of knitting and partially because of advice from Knitgrrl.

I recently started venturing into the world of knitting design.  It did indeed start the way Shannon Okey describes in the blurb for her new book, The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design; at first I just altered designs, until after Christmas, when I received the fabulous sock knitting book I asked Santa for, and started a sock out of it.  It seemed straightforward from the picture, but it was a whole charted pattern I had to maintain in the sock.  I couldn’t just knit and knit and knit the way I loved on socks, and yet I was ready for something more than the straightforward socks that I’d been doing.  I looked around and decided if I didn’t have a sock pattern I wanted to do, then I would just make up my own.  This coincided with Knit Picks Independent Designers program and thus my very first design made its way out into the world.

It’s been slow going, but here I am blogging (which I hope doesn’t take away too much time from knitting).  I hope you’ll check back and enjoy Kniftybits!