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Ploughing is to knitting as… October 10, 2010

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Today, we went to our first ever ploughing festival!


And the smallest tractor award goes to...



And they're off.



And the cutest tractor award goes to...


As we were walking through the fields in our wellies, chewing on a piece of hay (ok, I made that part up) there was a bit of witty banter I thought I’d share.

Me: Can you imagine people coming to watch you plow your fields?  This is what you do; you’re a farmer, and we want to watch you do it.

Friend (impersonating farmer): I’ll be signing autographs after I’m done with my plot.

Me: It would be like people coming to watch me knit.

Husband: There would have to be commentators.  ‘Watch her stunning speed on that purl row.’

Me: ‘She’s coming to a difficult cable cross….and she did it!’ Imitate crowd cheering.

Husband: Oh, but she’s dropped a stitch.

Me: Points will be deducted for the cussing. 😉


Now dog, don't drive off like you did last time.