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Spiral Toes = Not So Much June 27, 2011

I like to experiment with different elements in socks. That’s how I came across my favorite heel – the double-stitch short row heel.

And also how I came across my new least favorite toe – the spiral toe.

I’m not really sure what purpose this toe serves, since it ends up pointy like a carrot. And I don’t have carrot shaped feet. And don’t know many people who do.

Spiral toe, perfect for the carrot people.

To make the spiral toe, not that I think you should, but just in case you have very pointy toes, or maybe an extra long second toe.

Divide stitches evenly over four needles.

Rnd 1: ssk at the beg of each ndl, K rem sts.

Knit one rnd even between each decrease rnd.

Each additional rnd add one more stitch before the ssk. When you get to the end of the needle, start again at the beginning until 8 sts rem. Cut yarn, weave through sts, pull tight. Weave in ends.

Have you ever knit this toe? What did you think?


A Rant: Bernat Sox April 17, 2011

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There are people I knit for who do not like the feel of wool, for some of them I would even hazard mentioning the dreaded a-word – allergic. In most yarn categories a knitter can suss out man made alternatives, sure the knitting purists turn their noses up at such humble fibers, but they definitely have their place in the knitting world. The one yarn category where this doesn’t hold true is sock yarn. Finding unwooly sock yarn is the proverbial needle in a haystack endeavor.

Keeping in mind that I want traditional sock weight and am not a fan of cotton, Bernat Sox is the only sock yarn I’ve found that doesn’t have any wool. I’m not saying there aren’t more out there, but they aren’t easy to find, wherever they are. While in Britain, I asked at all three yarn shops in Ely and no one could find any.

I’ve been happily working on a fun pattern for my balls of Bernat blissfully unaware of the treachery that awaited me, until today when I went to their website and discovered Bernat Sox is DISCONTINUED! Argh!

I understand that yarns come and go, and who knows this may have been discontinued for a while now, but when it comes to the big producers – Patons, Bernat, Lion Brand, etc – I have an expectation that their yarns will be around a looooooong time! Now, I’m miffed. Irked. Annoyed. Etc.

Now that this humble yarn is off the market there seems little point in telling you what it’s like, but since I’ve knit with it (and you may still have a ball in your stash) I will share anyway. It is easy to work with, rather on the thickish side for sock yarn, but it knits up nicely with 3.25 mm needles. I haven’t found any knots in either of the balls I’ve worked with. It’s economical, one ball makes a pair of socks, and it was nicely priced, as of right now you can still get some on Amazon for less than $5, now that’s some inexpensive sock yarn.

My only complaint about the yarn is the color pooling. You have to alternate two balls if you don’t want blobs of color, maybe one of the reasons they took it off the market.

I can’t say how well it wears, maybe the socks fall apart in no time and that’s why it is off the market? I’ll report back on that.

Now, I’m on the hunt for new unitchy sock yarn, in a quick search I found On Your Toes Bamboo; does anyone have any other recommendations?


KniftyBits and the Three Socks March 9, 2011

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KniftyBits set out to knit a simple spring sock. ‘Something fun and quick,’ she thought to herself with glee. ‘I’ll be done in no time.’

Who knew Murphy could read your mind?

And thus began the tale of…

KniftyBits and the Three Socks

Once upon a time, there was a knitter named KniftyBits. She held a ball of sock yarn in her hand. Pretty soon, she came upon an idea. She sat down and started to knit.

She knit and she knit until she was done. And then she tried her sock on.

“This sock is too tight!” she exclaimed.

So she knit a second sock, with more stitches and a longer heel.

“This sock is still too tight!” she cried. (Ha, bet you thought it was going to be too loose.)

So, she cast on a third sock…