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Linen Stitch Scarf Pattern October 26, 2010

It’s done!  It’s done!  The Ultimate Winter Scarf is done!  And I think it’s pretty ultimate!  Whew, that’s a relief.

Long? √   Colorful?  √   Three colors integrated seamlessly?  √  Soft and warm?  √

Scarf in situ

So, here it is, the pattern for the Three Color Linen Stitch Scarf.  Some notes, or lessons learned, are below.

Lessons Learned:

I recommend a thumb or backwards loop cast on.  I did a long tail cast on and it used up too much yarn, so I ran out of that color first and had to resort to cutting the remaining two balls at each end so I could keep working with them.  It wasn’t necessarily a big deal, since the cut strands were incorporated into the fringe, but it would’ve been easier not to.

I did a purl bind off on the right side of the scarf; I felt it matched the cast on edge better.  I bound off with the next size larger needle i.e. U.S. 15 10mm, because I am notorious for binding off too tight and the thought of tinking 310 bound off stitches of ‘grabby’ yarn, made me a little sick to my stomach.  The trade off, however, is that I feel my bind off stitches are a little too obvious.  Oh, well, I’ll live with it.  You know your knitting tendencies, so bind off the best way for you.  I did not recommend it in the finished pattern.

Some of you might notice, the finished length and the gauge I included in the pattern doesn’t match what I was aiming for or the gauge my swatch produced.  Yep, once again the knitting whimsies were out and about messing with my gauge swatch.  So be warned!

The stitch pattern I used doesn’t look identical on the back, however the reverse reminds me a lot of seed stitch, and I think it looks pretty cool, so I would say it’s reversible, regardless!

Front side: I like how the stitch makes little triangles

Reverse of linen stitch

Reverse side: Reminds me of seed stitch & is very cool!

For more information about the yarn used, check out my yarn review.

So what do you think?  Does it fit the bill?

*Note: I wanted to add that I believe any chunky multicolored yarn will work for this pattern, it doesn’t have to be the Lang Mille Fiamme.*


10 Responses to “Linen Stitch Scarf Pattern”

  1. […] super chunky skein is 90 meters (98ish yards).  The lovely Linen Stitch Scarf used three skeins, which is 270 meters or a little over a quarter of a mile of yarn.  But, there […]

  2. martha johnson Says:

    I LOVE the linen stitch. It makes such a great fabric – smooth and flat – and is very good with varigateds because it breaks up color pooling.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I love the linen stitch, it creates such a sturdy fabric. The yarn that you used in this scarf gives it so much character and warmth. Brilliant job!

  4. tg33 Says:

    Lovely scarf, good mixture of colour and stitch pattern! Awesome!

  5. […] the states.  And if I had time I was going to stop into Yarn on the Square to get another skein of Lang Yarns Mille Fiamme to make a hat to match my scarf. As I strode up the High Street a beautiful woman approached with a fawning man.  Nigella Lawson! […]

  6. Your scarf is gorgeous. Well done!

  7. ChristineMM Says:

    Your scarf looks great. I love linen stitch, especially for how it blends the colors for an almost woven effect. Great job.

  8. Karen Says:

    This is a gorgeous, gorgeous scarf! Thank you for the pattern and helpful tips.

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