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Never Say Never August 20, 2011

While I was visiting the Knitting Whisperer in Colorado we were discussing knitted washcloths. I poo-pooed them and said I didn’t see the point of spending your precious knitting time making something that will be used to clean dirty stuff. Additionally, I hate working with unforgiving, finger exhausting cotton. Yet another reason to never make washcloths.

Well, never say never, because not a month later I was at the store buying this yarn to make a certain person (who shall not be named, in case they read my blog) five washcloths and a hand towel for their birthday.

We're going to be five washcloths and a hand towel.


2 Responses to “Never Say Never”

  1. Keri Says:

    The only real problem with wash cloths is that once you make one, everyone will start asking for more! Have fun with them, there are some great free patterns on Ravelry.

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