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Simply Sublime, Yarn that is July 7, 2011

Last year for my birthday I received this amazing yarn Sublime bamboo & pearls dk.

The luster and softness of this yarn is like heaven in fiber form.

I immediately started a pattern that was waiting in the wings for the perfect yarn. I adapted the pattern for circular knitting and didn’t really worry about whether I matched their gauge (I’m a rebel that way). This meant some extra fiddling when I reached the cable section at the top, which also meant since I was headed into cold weather at the time, that I put the project down for many months.

This yarn also gives lovely stitch definition.

Now that warm weather is (FINALLY!!!!!) on its way the project is out of hibernation. I’m optimistic that I might finish by the end of the month so I can wear it to see my friends in Colorado.

So, I thought I would share a bit about the yarn.

1) It is heavenly. I have the kimono color and I just love it.

2) The silky sheen just makes me want to rub it against my face for hours on end. This makes it difficult to knit.

3) It is easy to accidentally pierce the yarn, generally it’s just a few strands I missed.

4) The drape of the finished fabric is divine.

5) It slides over the needles like a dream.

6) I haven’t encountered any knots yet and I’m about five balls down now.

7) I definitely recommend this yarn! (As if you hadn’t gathered that yet.)

Tech details: 50g balls, 95 m/104 yds, 22 sts x 28 rows for 4″, 70% bamboo sourced viscose, 30% pearls sourced viscose, 4mm needles, machine washable, dry flat



4 Responses to “Simply Sublime, Yarn that is”

  1. Pat Nance Says:

    Can hardly wait to see the finished product? I assume you haven’t finished it yet?

  2. Rene Smethers Says:

    Any ideas on what to do with two skeins of this? I picked them up in the clearance bin at Knit4 together in Dunlap, IL.

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