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A Knitting Algebra Equation June 23, 2011

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A knitter leaves Roberts, Idaho at 7:20 p.m. heading south on I-15 on a June evening. She is knitting a sock with 72 stitches and is ready for toe decreases. The Earth revolves around the sun at  67,062 miles per hour and the knitter (who is knitting and not driving) is moving at the average speed of 82 miles per hour. The knitter can knit 1 stitch every 2-3 seconds or 25 stitches per minute. Each decrease takes 5-7 seconds. The knitter decreases every other round and will finish with eight stitches. If the sun sets at 8:55 p.m. and the knitter has, once again, foolishly forgotten her knitting headlight, will she be able to finish her toe decreases before it gets dark?

Answer: Yes.


3 Responses to “A Knitting Algebra Equation”

  1. Myriad Says:

    I was once stuck on an 8+ hour train with a toe-up sock, about to begin the gusset increases, and no idea how many stitches to increase to OR how to turn the heel. I had to get my roommate to read the instructions off the pattern I had left at home and then text them to me…But the knitting will not be denied!

    • kniftybits Says:

      It’s amazing the lengths we will go to in support of our knitting. 😉 When knitting needles were banned on planes I got very creative in getting my needles on board.

  2. Pat Nance Says:

    I take it you tried this? Love the math lesson. Glad I didn’t have to solve it. I HATED word problems in school.

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