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Great Minds and All That June 20, 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “Great minds think alike.” Well, it is definitely true and definitely not something a knitting designer wants to discover at the toe decreases of her finished design.

I had this great spring green yarn (that apparently has been discontinued or I would’ve linked to it) and I was thinking it should have an organic pattern to correlate with its springy color, but a leaf pattern seemed too obvious. Lo-and-behold I came across this great undulating pattern that looks a lot like cabling without the hassle of cabling.  After the appropriate testing I got started.

Fast forward a bit and I was wondering why my spiral toe decrease didn’t seem like it was coming out quite right. One google search later and by some knitting coincidence I happened upon feministy’s blog and her sock Maeby.

Holy frijoles! That is the exact same stitch pattern I’m using!

Oh, there are some differences in the socks — my cuff is longer, my heel is boomerang, my toe spiral, and I didn’t continue the pattern across the entire foot, but still the stitch pattern makes the sock, so we basically had the same sock. So, I thought, hmm, if she used this stitch pattern and I used this stitch pattern I bet we’re not the only ones.

And no we are not.

There is also Luminare by Bex Femme and River Rapids by Sockbug. And those are just the one’s I found in the comment section of Maeby on Ravelry.

Oh well. At least I found out at the toe decreases and not after I was just putting the finishing touches on the pattern fresh back from the tech editor. 😉

My finished socks! They make me happy!

If you enjoy this pattern, please patronize any of the three talented designers ravelry shops. 🙂


3 Responses to “Great Minds and All That”

  1. northernnarratives Says:

    What a great post. So true. I love the color of your socks. Judy

  2. Pat Nance Says:

    Bummer about the patterns. The socks turned out beautifully, though. An you were FAST! 🙂

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