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Bloggers Block May 8, 2011

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I am hurtling toward the end of the week faster than a Krispy Kreme donut into my belly and I’ve only written one blog post! Ever since we moved I’ve enforced a strict two-posts a week policy, but here I sit staring the endless grey of WordPress’ ‘Add New Post’ screen.

Since I started blogging regularly again I haven’t had a problem generating content. I was so far behind on my blogging there was plenty to share, and since we’re living in a new place there are a myriad of knitting adventures to post.

But here I sit, glancing around my office with a tired sigh. Yesterday I hunted through the ravelry forums for something to expound upon. And I didn’t find anything. At least nothing I felt I could add anything new to.

And today. Well, today I admit to you that I am suffering bloggers block and hope next week brings more to blog about. For, though I am almost done with two different sock patterns, at the toe shaping for each, there doesn’t seem to be much to say about it, other than what I just said. Toe shaping. Not the most titillating topic. I kind of like the sound of that, though – The titillating topic of toe shaping. You may be seeing a post on that in the future. 😉

Have a happy weekend!

What do you do when you face bloggers block?


One Response to “Bloggers Block”

  1. Pat Nance Says:

    You do what you just did…. blog about it. Good move:)

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