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A Tale of Three Cameras April 22, 2011

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For Christmas 2009 I received a brand new Nikon Coolpix S630 camera after my trusty Sony Cybershot got lens burn from some ill advised sunset pictures. I am a firm believe in my amazon wishlist and was torn between the Nikon, which was rated #1 by Smart Shopper, and a Panasonic Lumix, which was rated #1 by my brother, so I left it to the gifter to decide.

In the beginning I enjoyed the Nikon, but soon it showed its shortcomings as the white balance was terrible despite all my fiddling and color saturation poor or, even worse, with a blue wash, plus it had warped ideas about focus. It could take a blurry picture while I was standing still in a sunny field. Color me unimpressed, which would be a shade of blue.

A few months later my husband was gifted a Kodak EasyShare M530. A sweet little camera, but the performance wasn’t much better than the Nikon. Still I used it primarily anyway, because I was so irked by the Nikon.

After many disappointing blog photos I decided it was time to upgrade. I realize a true upgrade would be a SLR camera, but I’m just too lazy (and broke) for that, so I went back to what I originally wanted and bought  a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7.  The question now is, does it actually take a better picture?

I’m interested in your feedback. I have taken the same picture with all three cameras. All are unedited. Which do you like best?

Camera 1

Camera 2
Camera 3

Which do you vote for, camera 1, camera 2, or camera 3?


One Response to “A Tale of Three Cameras”

  1. Lisa Jeannot Says:

    I vote Camera 2 for best pic. I like the color the best. Not an expert though.

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