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Things someone should invent April 13, 2011

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1) A time out button.

2) A camera that automatically uploads pictures onto blogs completely cropped, color fixed, and perfectly in focus.

3) Knitting projects that are easy enough to do anywhere, i.e. Knit Night, but challenging enough to be interesting. This knitting project would also go on as long as I want it to.

4) A matrix-like apparatus (minus the hole-in-the-head and horrid machine world) that uploads knowledge to my brain without the tedious process of learning it. Things I would chose to know a) the language for any country I am visiting, b) how to do an afterthought heel, c) how to knit things that always fit, because swatches lie (it is my vain hope that this knowledge does exist somewhere),  d) tae kwon do, e) steeking, f) how to fix my i-phone, g)…ask me in five minutes, I will’ve thought of something else.

5) Socks that generate heat; knit from yarn only available to knitters.

6) World peace. Thought I’d throw that in there, because it sure would be nice. And while they’re at it, cures to all ailments.

7)  A mute button, too.

8 ) A self cleaning house.

9) Self balling yarn.

10) A capsule that surrounds people’s heads when they’re talking on a cell phone in a public place so the whole world doesn’t have to know about their latest bout of incontinence.


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