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LYS Losses April 4, 2011

Here in the great crafting state of Utah I have at least 9 local yarn shops within an hour drive of my house, so as I visited Northern California I looked forward to checking out a LYS or two.

My friend asked a crafty friend of hers where the nearest yarn shop was and was told Vacaville. My i-phone relayed the hours and I thought we were set, until I check again on my computer. It turns out there are two different webpages, the outdated one my i-phone found, and the updated one, which listed under address: To Be Announced. Spin a Yarn in Vacaville is closed! Sad!

Not to be deterred I searched the web and came across Fig Tree Alley in Sacramento. My hopes raised only to be dashed on the cruel rocks of the economy! Fig Tree Alley is online only these days; their mid-town location closed.

Fortunately, all was not lost, as I discovered Babetta’s Yarn and Gifts also in Sacramento.  Once we had an address we raced to the shop before it vanished in an instant of economic sabotage and were well rewarded for our efforts. Check out my review, here!

I know these are hard times for everyone, but according to the report I heard in NPR knitting up-ticks in times of economic hardship. Let’s hope for all the LYS’s sakes that it sees most of them through, before we’re all consigned to Joann’s and Micheal’s for the remainder of our days. Not that they don’t have their place, but give me a LYS or give me death! Ok, maybe not death…

How are the local yarn shop’s faring in your area?


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