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KniftyBits and the Three Socks March 9, 2011

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KniftyBits set out to knit a simple spring sock. ‘Something fun and quick,’ she thought to herself with glee. ‘I’ll be done in no time.’

Who knew Murphy could read your mind?

And thus began the tale of…

KniftyBits and the Three Socks

Once upon a time, there was a knitter named KniftyBits. She held a ball of sock yarn in her hand. Pretty soon, she came upon an idea. She sat down and started to knit.

She knit and she knit until she was done. And then she tried her sock on.

“This sock is too tight!” she exclaimed.

So she knit a second sock, with more stitches and a longer heel.

“This sock is still too tight!” she cried. (Ha, bet you thought it was going to be too loose.)

So, she cast on a third sock…




One Response to “KniftyBits and the Three Socks”

  1. Pat Says:

    Hilarious! Can hardly wait for the sequel:)

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