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Knitting = Trendy March 7, 2011

As soon as I saw this window display, my camera magically appeared in my hand and made me photograph it!

You could probably carry a sock project in that purse.

What does that spell? Stella! I wonder if anyone ever goes all Marlon Brando a la "Streetcar Named Desire" in front of this store? Probably not.

You know knitting is in when trendy shops use it to make their windows look splendirific. (That’s my new word for cool. Start using it and I’m sure it’ll catch on.)


4 Responses to “Knitting = Trendy”

  1. Artifax Says:

    This is cool! I can so see a custom large-scale knitting piece like that as art in my living room. Maybe spell something in Kanji or Thai so it’s not as obviously it’s a word?

  2. Artifax Says:

    That would be “obvious” not “obviously”. Sorry .. typing too fast 🙂

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