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Sharing the Love of Knitting February 25, 2011

Can there be anything better than teaching one of your best friends how to knit? Free yarn, you say? Hmm, let me think. Well, maybe? Nah, I still believe sharing your love of knitting with those you love is better than free yarn, though it was a close contest.

Recently, one of my best friends in the entire world planned a visit to snowy Utah with her fabulous fam. We’ve been friends for years, most of which I’ve been knitting obsessively. She watched me complete my secret six-month sweater project for my husband. And my one and only intarsia baby blanket for our mutual friend’s newest addition. And many other less stressful projects.

Through it all she remained knitting ambivalent.

So, imagine my overwhelming joy when she told me she wanted to learn to knit when she came to visit! I think I may have passed out from my knitting giddiness. We planned a trip to buy yarn and needles when she arrived. I did think about offering her stash yarn, but imagined the moment I broke into tears as she picked one of my favorite yarns lovingly brought home from a trip to Spain or Italy would be off putting. “No, no, please take it,” I would sob.

Or worse, a basket of yarn I was willing to part with presented to her as if saying she wasn’t worthy of other yarn. Not really a good option, either. So, instead I took her shopping so she (and her daughter) could have the pick of the place.

As the kiddos and hubby hurtled themselves down a mountain with wood strapped to their feet and snow assaulting them she and I sat in the cozy living room eating red velvet cupcakes and knitting. Basically, we all got what we wanted. And at the end of the day she had what we all generate with our first knitting endeavor – a misshapen oblongish swatch that she designated as her husband’s new loin cloth. He didn’t seem so keen on the idea.

Basics learned, she decided to start with a ribbed scarf for her daughter. I mildly encouraged her toward a garter stitch scarf, but much like myself (which may be why we’re such good friends) she didn’t want to take the easy road. She liked the look of ribbing and that is what she was going to do.

A few frogged attempts and multiple cries of “How do I have 29 stitches?!?!?!” and she was off and knitting. As we all crammed into the t.v. room to watch “It’s Complicated” she knit and purled away on her scarf. And by the time she left she had a respectable five inches. I was so proud!

I wish she was closer so we could knit together more often and I hope she ends up loving it as much as I do, but even if she doesn’t, it was still awesome to share knitting with her.

What is your fondest memory of sharing knitting?


One Response to “Sharing the Love of Knitting”

  1. Shawna Knode Says:

    So, so sweet of you to teach me. It took me a week but it is done and she loves it. Thanks for all of your patience and sticking with me through thin (29 stitches) and thick (34 stitches). And thanks for directing me to the hat pattern. Love it and love you!

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