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Ogden Knit Night February 9, 2011

Through serendipitous events I was invited to the Knit Night at Needlepoint Joint. I couldn’t wait to check it out! My Stitch and Bitch in England was mostly just me and a friend, and I knew meeting some knitters would make my Utah home feel more like ‘home’.

So, I grabbed an easy project (my eye popping rug, that I’ve worked on for months now) and headed out.

I was amazed by this knitting group!  Knitters flooded the store. I didn’t think it was legal to have so many knitters in one place at a time. And the diversity of projects was impressive. The knitters ran the spectrum from the self professed social knitter to several designers, one of whom (after only five years of knitting) was designing a lace wrap to die for and discussing the intricacies of provisional cast on’s that I never even knew. Another member just finished an amazing Fair Isle sweater that was a dream.

I was grateful to be included in this group that’s been going strong for over seven years. The women are wonderful, friendly, and brilliant. And Utah does feel more like home now.

Now to try Jello Salad.


4 Responses to “Ogden Knit Night”

  1. Diana Colt Says:

    Hi I am so happy to happen on to your blog. I am from Boise, Utah. I used to live in Ogden. I have a sister who lives in Ogden and I am trying to get her back into knitting. She does not have a computer so I am looking up things for her. Your blog is just a delight. I am so excited to hear you are from England I know I am from there in another life, I would love to go there some time.

    • kniftybits Says:

      Thank you for the kind comment. I would suggest your sister check out Needlepoint Joint – they have a ton of classes, plus lovely yarn, and she can meet some nice ladies at the knit night the first Thursday of the month.

  2. Diana Colt Says:

    so nice to hear from you. I am coming down to Ogden in April and my sis and I will check it out. I would love to know more about you. What brings you from England to Ogden? Married, children, age, work? I do not mean to be nosie just interested. I am 67 years young, I am married, 8 children, 36 grand kids, 2 great grands. I was laied off from my job, they had a huge layoff a year ago, So deceided to get back to knitting and crocheting, which I have not done for years and years, to busy with work and family. I paint rocks, read, enjoy my dogs, and family I would love to hear about you. I am getting a type of blog together, for me and my little group we are called Hooks and Needles. I will send a link when I get it finished. thanks for your comment

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