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Heel Turn on a Toe Up Sock January 30, 2011

I was blazing away on my toe-up sock and then it struck me, when am I supposed to turn the heel?  I am so accustomed to knitting top down socks that I would know how many inches of leg needed before the heel turn blindfolded. And if I was a little off, as long as it wasn’t the second sock, no biggie, I would just have a shorter sock. And even if this error was on the second sock I may just call it a new fashion. (Have I mentioned how much I hate frogging?)

But, if my measurements are off for the heel turn on the toe up, I’ll end up with my toes curled under like the lotus foot of Chinese women of old.  Or worse, having to gift my fabulous socks, knit in my salivated-over-torturously-balled sock yarn and I just can’t (read – won’t) part with it. Or worse still, and highly improbably given my temperment, having to frog the heel.

So, I pulled out my handy dandy sock knitting book for guidance…

And what do you know, it says nothing on the topic. Harumph.

Fortunately there is always the internet. Source one says to knit to two inches from the desired length and then turn the heel.  Source two says to knit until the sock touches the base of your leg.  I figure that they’re are probably about the same, so since I’d rather go off fit than measurements, I will aim for the base of the leg. As a side note, what did we do before the internet?!?!?!

Wish me luck.  I will let you know how it turns out.

What is your experience with toe up socks? How do you know when to turn the heel?

*UPDATE: The foot is just the right length. Thank you fellow bloggers!*


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