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I’m Ba-aack (Cue Eerie Music) January 19, 2011

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And now to resume our regularly scheduled programming.

After months of chaos and disarray I have internet at home. The rooms are unpacked. Most of the art and pictures are hung. I can cook in the kitchen and, most importantly, knit again.

Not all is in order, of course. Boxes have become part of a small fiefdom in the basement and garage ruled by a malevolent gas dryer resentful of attempts by the rival queen (me) to overthrow its rule.

The yarn is corraled in the yarnmoire, but I have evidence that psychotic yarn hating monkeys hyped up on uppers snuck in at some point.  Nothing else could explain the disarray. Despite the monkeys, the yarn is now safe from the dog, whom I discovered with dismay, will ignore all other temptations including an open pantry door, in favor of sussing out my favorite yarn left at dog level and mauling it, leaving it like a dead bird in the middle of the living room floor. I wonder if she associates yarn with decreased petting? Regardless, she hasn’t been left alone with yarn access since.

In conclusion, this post marks my resumption of regular blogging at kniftybits….I hope.


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