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Toe typing December 15, 2010

Filed under: Knitting Life — kniftybits @ 04:08

If only there was a way to knit and blog at the same time.

I’m here at my Mom’s busy as a beaver damming the Mississippi so on the rare moments I can sit, I knit. And thus, not blog.  And then I feel shame. Oh, the SHAME!

So, I’ve been thinking about it and the only solution seems to be to make my idle feet earn their keep.  I don’t think my toes are agile enough for knitting, but how about typing?


Well, that didn’t work.  Here’s hoping things calm down soon so I have more time to blog. How are your holidays looking?  Will you complete your holiday knits in time for pressie exchange? It’s not looking good for me; I haven’t even had time to write a my annual holiday hoot letter.


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