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Invasion of the Move & Packers November 4, 2010

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Only six days since we discovered we’re moving and like Invasion of the Move & Packers, “the MOVE” now runs my life.  Last night was the first time in days I had a chance to knit!

All my discussions with the hubby are move based, “What kind of recycling do you think they’ll have in Ogden?  Should we clean the recycling sorter or sell it?  Cell phones only or cell phone and landline?  When is the car scheduled to ship?  When should we try to sell the other car? the TV?  the wireless router? When do the movers come?” Etc.

And in classic Murphy’s Law fashion other things add to the chaos such as, my car groaning in protest and refusing to start yesterday before my last knitting class here in England!  Or the computer presenting the blue screen of death this morning!  Or his cell phone being shut off!

And I really need to inventory my yarn!   A necessary and dreaded time consuming endeavor.

I say all this to justify the following statement, “Postings on Kniftybits will be pretty lean in the next month or so.” 😦



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