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Moving! October 30, 2010

Eeep, I found out at the insomnia inducing hour of 11 p.m. last night that we are moving to Ogden, Utah. No more England. 😦 And just when my home town of Ely got really good local yarn stores!

The good news is that there are two LYS’s in Ogden and SEVEN, yes, that is SEVEN in Salt Lake, which isn’t far away. Not to mention the chain stores. So I foresee plenty of yarn exploration in my future.

But, now come the difficult decisions, such as, how much yarn am I going to need to bring with me as I wait for my stash and Yarnmoire to trek across the ocean?

Will I be able to sneak some DPNs for the looooong flight?

Am I going to have time and internet to blog?

My mind is racing like greyhound after a hare.


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