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Yarn Present! October 19, 2010

Yesterday I went to the Post Office and got caught in a fire drill, but that’s not the point.  After we were allowed to return to the building, I peered into my box and found a package slip hidden among bills and magazine renewal notices.  Ooooo, a package!

After picking it up I discovered it was from my one and only brother!  And wow, was it light.  (One time he mailed me a box of broken sea/vintage glass he found in his garage.  I had a momentary heart attack about what package canon the Post Office launched that box out of to make it sound like that, before I realized it was SUPPOSED to sound like that.  LOL.)

Anyhoo, once home I ripped into that box like it contained a lifetime supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and discovered something even better – YARN!  My first yarn gift from my brother and his fabulous wonder woman.   And they even made a special stop at a yarn store near a butterfly sanctuary for it.  And it wasn’t even my birthday or anything!

Talk about the highpoint of my day!

So here it is in all its scrummy glory:

Fabulous Yarn Gift!

Schaefer Yarn Hand Painted Yarn.  55% Merino Wool Superwash, 30% Silk, 15% Nylon.  4 o.z./400 yards.

This yarn line is dedicated to memorable women and the colorway they chose for me is for Sophia Smith, the founder of Smith College.

So what should I knit with it?  Any suggestions?


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