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Portable Knitting October 14, 2010

One of the many wonderful things about knitting is how portable it is!  You can do it in the car (not while driving, I hope), in a plane, on a train, in a boat, near a moat, at the bank, while talking to Frank – well, you get the picture.  But, let’s face it, some projects are more portable than others.

And thus, as my hubster and I readied for the annual take Mom to the airport journey, I stood in the darkened living room, sunrise not yet even a consideration, and wondered aloud what project I should take with me – it is at least a four hour round trip from Ely, Cambridgeshire to Heathrow Airport, London.  Four hours of prime knitting time, especially since I got my knitting headlight. (Thank you, Aunt Lynn!)


For successful nighttime knitting try a knitting headlight!


I wanted plain knitting; I am not a morning person and can’t handle complex knitting before sunrise.  So, I decided to bring my spiralling circle of knitting goodness, otherwise known as my future rug.  It’s knit in one long strip that is later (and I am so not looking forward to this part) seamed in a spiral.


It's coming along in its spiralling way.


But, how to get make this mass of knitting portable?  Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Bagged up and ready to go.


In the end it took two messenger bags and I rode with my knees under my jaw, but it was worth it. 😉


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