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Juggling Knitting Classes October 7, 2010

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Yesterday I was so sick I didn’t even knit.  (Now, that’s sick!)  Unfortunately, it was also the day to teach my Beginners Knitting Class. And I had maximum enrolment.  😦

After crawling down the stairs, dragging my garbage can with me, I called the Shop – they weren’t open yet!  So, I did what any sensible sick knitter would do, I called my husband.  Lying on the floor, with my class enrolment sheet next to me, the very act of talking made me feel like retching.  I gave him the names and phone numbers and asked him to call.

“Do you want to reschedule?” He asked.

“uhhaaaooouuuhhh” I moaned in response, realizing my schedule book was upstairs.  I glared at the stairs.  My nemesis.  Oh for telekinetic powers….or memory enough to recall next weeks schedule.

I heaved myself up the stairs and collapsed in front of my bedside table fumbling for the black book that holds my short term memory: a terrible thing for something so small to have so much power.

I looked at next Wednesday, Beginners Circular Knitting.  But no one had signed up last time I checked, I hazily thought.


I feel much better today.  Time to call the Shop.

Back in August I rescheduled my Sock Knitting class to October, hoping for more than one student.  Alas, no more students, but I feel bad about rescheduling again.  I emailed my one student on Monday.  Checking her response, in between gasps and moans last night, I discover she’s in the states for a funeral.  So, I offered to reschedule the class to begin next week.  And then thought, ‘what if someone else has signed up?’

I held my breathe and crossed my fingers while they checked Sock Knitting sign ups.  Only the one.  HOORAY!  I never thought I’d celebrate not having students.

But, lo-and-behold, I do have enrolment for Circular Knitting (blarg!), which is the time slot I rescheduled Beginners Knitting to (double blarg!).  So, now I need to reschedule Circular Knitting to later in the day!  Sigh.

Who would’ve thought teaching knitting could be so complicated?


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