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Don’t Take My Needles Away! September 23, 2010

I am no terrorist, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to smuggle something on to a plane.  That something?  My knitting needles.

We’re off to Croatia for three days with no checked luggage.  I can’t go three days without my knitting.  The mere thought of it gives me cold chills and knitting withdrawal hives prickle my skin……… gasp, gasp….sorry, I almost passed out from hyperventilation.  I’m going to have to risk it.

“Do you think they’d set off the metal detector?”  My mother asks.

“They’re metal, so I would imagine so,” I respond.  “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I thought you could hide them in your bra or something?”

“I think I’ll take my chances putting them through the x-ray machine, rather than explaining to the person who pats me down that I honestly only wanted them to knit with and not for some nefarious purpose.”  I laugh, imagining how that would go over.

So, here’s my thought process: I know from experience that plastic needles are easier to get through security than metal.  (I think you know how I know that).  However, I’m on a sock knitting bender, and I don’t have plastic DPNs.  Do they even exist for that matter?  So, should I risk one of my precious nickel plated DPNs?

I envision myself lunging at the security guard screaming, “You can take my soda, but you can’t take my knitting needles!”  And thus ending up in airport prison.  So, better to take one of my less loved and less obvious wooden DPNs. However, I only have them in 2.75 mm.  I have three socks in progress and as it turns out only one of them is on 2.75mm needles and I don’t want to take that project with me because I’m waiting for edits from the tech editor and I want to knit it off the edited pattern.  Blarg!

I really don’t want to start ANOTHER sock project so I’ll go another route and take a scarf project.  I can’t fathom successfully smuggling 14″ plastic needles in my backpack, so I bring my interchangeable circular needles, broken down, with the needle tips in my sunglasses case.  But not the favored Knit Picks needles, my abandoned older set.

This is about the point in the story where my husband rolls his eyes at me and tells me it is a scary place in my head.

Day of travel: The key is to remain calm.  I approach security as if there isn’t a care in the world, being careful not to give the security people a shifty eye while sweating profusely and wiping my dripping palms…actually, we were through so fast I didn’t even have time to worry.  And they made it through!  Hoorah!

And thank the knitting deities they got through, because on our “fun filled” 1,000 island day cruise , turned into a nightmare with us trapped on an chilly, wind-assaulted, broken-toilet-having, drunken-tour-group-packed, water-bottle-refilled-from-the-tap-providing, altered-itinerary-so-you’ll-spend-more-time-on-this-misery-ship-but-will-see-less-and-oh-we’re-telling-you-this-now-that-we’re-20-minutes-at-sea, torture boat.  Knitting was my only salvation.

Moral of the story – sometimes it’s worth the risk!

Disclaimer: I hate to have to add a disclaimer, but I feel I must say that I am not advocating anyone try to sneak anything onto a plane.  I am merely relaying my own experience.


2 Responses to “Don’t Take My Needles Away!”

  1. Lynn Blanar Says:

    Crafty, very crafty! (pun intended!) ;]
    You need to write for a magazine or newspaper…whatever doesn’t become obsolete too soon. I laughed till my head hurt reading your article! Too good!

  2. […] in my Don’t Take My Needles Away post I said I took a scarf to Croatia?  Well, this is the scarf I took.  So, it might have been […]

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